General information

The activity of the Applied Metrology Department focuses on the maintenance, research and development of the components of the National Measurement Standards Base.
The purpose of these activities is the assurance of traceability and uniformity of measurements conducted on the teritorry of the Republic of Moldova.
For achieving this objective, the team of the Applied Metrology Department conducts activities included in the Annual Program approved at institutional level, which has three main directions:
• undertaking traceable measurement units 
• preserving the measurement units 
• disseminating the measurement unit 

All activities performed by the Applied Metrology Department are realized under a, internal Quality Management System, which ensures their conformity with the standard SM SR ISO/CEI 17025:2006.
The team of the Applied Metrology Department has a set of calibration procedures, through which it ensures the dissemination of the measurement units to all stakeholders, and these procedures are continuously developing.
Additionally, the team of the Applied Metrology Department organizes interlaboratory comparisons in public interest areas. The comparisons have the mission to demonstrate the capability of laboratories to realize correct testing and to generate trustworthy measurement results. 

Thus, the Applied Metrology Department supports the implementation of European practices in the Republic of Moldova, the transposition of accurate measurement techniques and the protection of consumers in our country from possible effects of wrong measurements. 

Quantity Standard Uncertainty Lower value Upper value Measurement unit Traceability
Length Gauge blocks Q[0,1,1L] µm 0,5 100,0 mm INM Romania
Plane angle Optical polygons 0,5 secunda de arc 0,0 360,0 grad INM Romania
Mass Standard weights 0,006 ÷ 1,5 mg 1,0•10-6 500,0 kg INM Romania
Volume Level I standard volume measures 0,02 % 2.0 500,0 dm INM Romania
Resistance National measurement standard of electrical resistance in constant current  2·10-5 2·10-6 1·10-3 1·109 O UME Turcia
Electrical inductance Set of inductors 0,03 µH 0,0003H 1,0·10-6 1,0 H INM Romania
Electrical capacitance Single value capacitors 0,020·10-6 0,000020 1,0·10-6 1,0 µF INM Romania
Alternative current Current transformer verification system 0,004% 0,115% 1/5 3000/5 A INM Romania
Alternative current
Comparator-meter COM 3003 30,0·10-4 %    280,0·10-4 %  58,0·10-3 3· (36,8·103) Wt PTB, Germania
Frequency and Time Frequency and atomic time measurement standard  8,65·10-14 2,37·10-11 1,0 1,0·107 Hz UME Turcia
Pressure Manometers with piston and weights 0,015 % 0,02 60,0 MPa INM Romania
Temperature Fixed points, standard platinum resistance thermometers, thermoelectrical thermometers type S 0,002 0,35 °C -80,0 °C 1200,0 °C °C INM Romania
Gas flow Standard equipment for the calibration/verification of gas meters  0,44 % 0,016 40,0 m3/h CSM Ivano-Francovsc
Liquid flow Standard flowmetric equipment 0,2 % 0,012 15,0 m3/h INSM Moldova
PH-metry Standard PH-meter 0,001 0,0 14,0 pH  
Spectrophotometry Standard spectrophotometer  0,1 0,4;
OD 0
OD 8
Densimety Standard densimeter 0,000005 0 3 g/cm3  
Luxmetry Standard luxmeter V(λ) < 1,5 %,
clasa A
0,01 360 klx  
Ionizing radiation Air kerma and air kerma rate  0,02 Gy/s 3,2033E-12 1,137E-6 Gy/s IAEA