”Electromagnetic, Time and Frequency Measurements” Laboratory

The ”Electromagnetic, Time and Frequency Measurements” laboratory manages – undertakes, preserves and disseminates through modern equipment the measurement units of: electric current, voltage, resistance, power, capacitance, frequency, time.

Main objectives of the laboratory are:

  • Assurance of uniformity, accuracy and traceability of measurements on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Management, maintenance, storage, preservance of measurement standards and of the equipment owned by the laboratory.
  • Participation in international interlaboratory comparisons to demonstrate the equivallence of the measurement unit realized in the Republic of Moldova and the one preserved by international measurement standards.
  • Dissemination of the measurement unit by development of calibration procedures based on best international practices.

Andrei Gherlih - Head of laboratory

Tel: (373 22) 903 136

E-mail: marimi.electrice@inm.gov.md

National and reference measurement standards

National measurement standard of electrical resistance in constant current unit:

National measurement standard of constant current voltage unit:

National measurement standard of time and frequency unit:

Reference multifunctional measurement standard of electrical measures unit:

Measurement capabilities and provided services

The ”Electromagnetic, Time and Frequency Measurements” Laboratory provides a wide range of services to the consumer. The activity of the laboratory is focused towards calibration of measuring instruments, ensuring the measurement uncertainty according to the measurement capabilities below:

Table 1. Calibration areas accredited by MOLDAC

Measurement unit

Measurement range





1·10-3 ÷ 1·109 Ohm

1·10-6 ÷ 1·10-3


Alternating current

100 µA ÷ 10 A

0,1 µA ÷ 0,1 A


Constant current

10 µA ÷ 10 A

0,1 µA ÷ 0,04 A


Constant current voltage

0,01 mV ÷ 1000 V

0,0015 mV ÷ 1,5 V


Alternating current voltage

0,01 mV ÷ 1000 V

0,005 mV ÷ 1,5 V



0,1 mHz ÷ 300 MHz

1·10-11 ÷ 1·10-8


Electrical power

-30 ÷ 20 dBm

0,05 dBm



(1-3600) s

0,3 s


Table 2. Calibration areas based on self declaration.

Measurement unit

Measurement range



Puterea electrică

57 mW ÷ 96 kW

50 ÷ 280 ppm


Cpacitanța electrică

1 pF ÷ 100 µF

40 ppm



The calibrations performed by the laboratory are in line with the provisions of SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17025.

The laboratory provides trainings focused on correct performance of measurements and determination of their conventional values by applying correction factors and using measurement uncertainty. The training courses are offered in all subfields of the ”Electromagnetic, Time and Frequency Measurements” Laboratory.

Traceability routes
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Traceability route of the time and frequency unitPublished: 07.05.2019
Traceability route of the electric voltage unitPublished: 07.05.2019