Traceability Statement

The National Institute of Metrology maintains National Measurement Standards (ETN), approved by Decisions of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, at the recommendation of the National Metrology Council. ETN represent the metrological traceability source for the measurement units they materialize and reproduce. ETN are either primary realizations of units - in case these are compared directly with international primary realizations of the same type, or secondary realizations - in case these are periodically calibrated with reference to primary standards owned by BIPM or other National Metrology Institutes signatories of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement of National Measurement Standards and Measurement and Calibration Certificates, of the International Committee of Weights and Measures, CIPM MRA.

All measurements realized in the INM laboratories are traceable to the units of the International System of Units SI, through an uninterrupted and documented chain of calibrations, each contributing to the measurement uncertainty. 

The modalities accepted by the INM Management System for the assurance of metrological traceability by undertaking the measurement units, are according to the ILAC P10 provisions:

  • from other National Metrology Institutes or Designated Institutes for the services covered by CIPM MRA. These services are indicated by the CIPM MRA logo on the calibration certificates.
  • from other National Metrology Institutes, whose service is adequate for the intended purpose and is supported by competence proofs (Annex B of KCDB) for at least one CMC line, but is not covered in Annex C ofBIPM KCDB or by CIPM MRA due to the fact that CIPM MRA does not have the specific category of Measurement Capabilities. 
Declarația INM privind trasabilitatea măsurărilor
Declarația INM privind trasabilitatea măsurărilorPublished: 23.02.2024