General information

The National Institute of Metrology (INM) is a Public Institution subordinated to the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, which implements, at national level, the policy in the field of metrology, by assuring the uniformity, legacy, accuracy and traceability of measurements in the Republic of Moldova. 

INM is conducting its activity based on a Regulation of Organization and Functioning, focusing on two main directions: legal metrology and applied metrology. Also, INM organizes and participates at technical-scientific researches (studies) of measuring instruments and/or measurements in various areas of public interest. 

Currently, the National Institute of Metrology is managing the National Measurement Standards Base, which is one of the most modern in the region. The managing of the National Measurement Standards Base represents the continuous realization of measurements, gathering and evaluation of results, their interpretation and perfectioning of measurement techniques etc.

Thus, the Republic of Moldova develops secure measurement techniques, which ensure the accuracy and safety of measurements conducted at national level and recognized regionally and internationally. 

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