The National Institute of Metrology has the mission of assuring traceability and, consequently, the credibility, at regional and international level, of the measurements conducted officially in the Republic of Moldova, thus contributing to the enhancement of national economy competitiveness and efficient use of resources. 

By implementing, at national level, the newest measurement techniques, INM is striving to achieve the objective of assuring the consumers right to pay strictly for the amount of consumed products, of ensuring the quality and harmlessness of food products or safety of farmaceutical products etc.

Currently, there is no manufacturing process that would not imply measurements. In the case of food products, various types of measurements ensure the exact proportion of the ingredients, and in the case of prepacked products, the measuring instruments assure the exact amount of the product indicated on the package. In the field of construction products, there are measurements that ensure the exact proportion of concrete components, the quality of which has direct impact on the reliableness of contructions. The same is concerning the production of medicines, the machines construction industry, the oil industry or any other manufacturing area. 

The evolution of technologies is impossible without accurate measurements, and the more technologically advanced the product is, the higher the requirements for accurate measurements are.