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The Conformity Assessment Body (OCP-INM) was created within INM with the purpose of conformity assessment of measuring instruments to be placed on the domestic market, in accordance with the requirements of the Government Decision no. 408 from 16.06.2015 “on the approval of the Technical Regulation relating to making available on the market of measuring instruments” and Government Decision no. 267 from 8 April 2014 “on the approval of the Technical Regulation relating to non-automatic weighting instruments”, with further additions approved through the Government Decision no. 1043 from 13.09.2016 “on the modification and completion of the Government Decision no. 267 from 8 April 2014”.

For the realization of its attributions and rights, the OCP-INM cooperates with the central specialized bodies of public administration and with other organizations and public institutions, as well as with regional and international metrology organizations.

OCP-INM Mission

The mission of OCP-INM is the assurance of the compliance with the requirements for measuring instruments to be made available on the market and/or to be used for measurements of public interest in the area of health and safety of the population, public order, environment protection, collection of taxes and duties, as well as correctness of transactions and commercial operations.

OCP-INM activity organization

OCP-INM  is a structural subdivision of INM. The administration of OCP-INM is performed by the Manager of OCP-INM, designated and dismissed by Ordonnance of INM Director. In absence of the OCP-INM Manager, the attributions are undertaken by the OCP-INM Quality Management System (QMS) Manager. The staff of OCP-INM is representated by INM personnel, acting as experts and technical experts, based on cooperation contracts. 

Accreditation and recognition 

The Conformity Assessment Body (OCP-INM) is accerdited by the National Accreditation Center of the Republic of Moldova (MOLDAC), certificate of acreditare no. OCpr-052 of 09.07.2018, valid until  08.07.2022 and it is recognized by Ordonnace of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure no. 499 of 18.10.2018


Republic of Moldova, mun. Chisinau MD2064

28, Eugen Coca Str.

Tel: (37322) 903 104 / (373 22) 903 131

Fax: (373 22) 903 111


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