”Flow and Volume” Laboratory

The ”Flow and Volume” Laboratory undertakes, preserves and disseminates through modern equipment the measurement units of: volume and flow. The mentioned measurement units are crucial for heavy industry, food, chemical, light and textile industry, medicine etc.

Main objectives of the laboratory are:

  • Assurance of uniformity, accuracy and traceability of measurements on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Management, maintenance, storage, preservance of measurement standards and of the equipment owned by the laboratory.
  • Research of the National Measurement Standards Base and of the equipment owned by the laboratory.
  • Storage, reproduction and dissemination of measurement units from national and reference measurement standards to the other standards and measuring instruments according to ierarchic schemes.
  • Participation in interlaboratory comparisons at international level for demonstration of laboratory measurement capabilities. 
  • High accuracy measurements performance.
  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management in the laboratory.
  • Development of calibration procedures for satisfying the necessity of economic agents regarding the traceability of measurement units.

Victor Grușca - Head of laboratory

Tel: (373 22) 903 143

E-mail: debite@inm.gov.md

National and reference measurement standards

National Measurement Standard of gas flow unit

National Measurement Standard of liquid flow unit

National Measurement Standard of volume unit

Measurement capabilities and provided services

The ”Volume and Flow” Laboratory provides a wide range of services to the consumer. The activity of the laboratory is focused towards calibration of measuring instruments, ensuring the measurement uncertainty according to the measurement capabilities below:

 Table 1. Calibration areas accredited by MOLDAC


Measurement range



Level I standard volume measures

2,0 ÷ 200,0

0,0005 ÷ 0,04


Level II standard volume measures

2,0 ÷ 10000,0

0,005 ÷ 10,00


Flow transducers

(0,01 ÷ 35,0) m3/h

(0,05 ÷ 0,2) %


Water meters

(0,01 ÷ 35,0) m3/h

(0,05 ÷ 0,2) %


Gas meters

(0,016 ÷ 50,0) m3/h

(0,15 ÷ 0,4) %


Air rotameters

(0,016 ÷ 50,0) m3/h

(0,3 ÷ 2,0) %


Flowmetric equipment for the verification and calibration of water meters and flow transducers 

(0,01÷ 300) m3/h

(0,05 ÷ 0,5) %


Flowmetric equipment for the verification and calibration of gas meters

(0,016 ÷ 2500,0) m3/h

(0,3 ÷ 0,5) %


The calibrations performed by the laboratory are in line with the provisions of SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17025.

The laboratory provides trainings focused on correct performance of measurements and determination of their conventional values by applying correction factors and using measurement uncertainty, as well as internships for experience exchange.

Traceability routes
Traceability route of gas flow unitPublished: 03.05.2019
Traceability route of liquid flow unitPublished: 07.05.2019
Traceability route of volume unitPublished: 07.05.2019