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09 July 2021
Serviciile oferite de către INM pot fi achitate prin sistemul de plăți electronice Mpay
În atenția persoanelor fizice și juridice În scopul oferirii unui instrument comod și util pentru plătitori, Vă informăm că serviciile oferite de către INM pot fi achitate prin sistemul de plăți electronice Mpay.
16 June 2021
30 years COOMET- Congratulations!
On June 12, 1991, representatives of national metrology organizations of 5 countries signed the COOMET Memorandum of Understanding. At the moment, National metrology institutions of 21 countries are members of COOMET. INM wishes you new achievements and further professional progress.
08 June 2021
07-10 June 2021 – EURAMET General Assembly
The 15th meeting of General Assembly of the EURAMET Regional Metrology Organization, takes place 7-10th of June, 2021. This year the meeting also takes place online. The Republic of Moldova is represented by Mr. Serghei Ceapa, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Metrology. Various ...
07 June 2021
The annual meeting of COOMET TC 1 Joint Committee for Measurement Standards
On June 3, 2021, the 20th Meeting of the CT 1 Joint Committee for Measurement Standards of COOMET took place, in online format. Several topics were addressed such as: • Implementation of CIPM MRA, • Reports of the chairs of the technical committees on the implementation of COOM...
03 June 2021
EURAMET Peer Review evaluation of the Dimensional Measurements Laboratory of INM
The Peer Review procedure conducted by experts from EURAMET member states, continues within the INM. This time the Dimensional Measurements Laboratory, INM demonstrated capabilities for measuring, calibrating and efficient implementation of the Quality Management System. Thus, on June 2, 2021,...
28 May 2021
EURAMET Peer Review of the INM Ionizing Radiations Laboratory
As a full member of EURAMET, INM is periodically passing the peer review procedure, conducted by experts from other EURAMET member states, in order to demonstrate the calibration and measurement capabilities, as well as the efficiency of the Quality Management System implemented. Thus, during ...
20 May 2021
World Metrology Day 2021
Metrology - the science of measurement - is celebrated annually, on May 20, as the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875, a treaty that laid the foundations for a common approach and a harmonized measurement system worldwide. The theme of this year's World Metrology Da...
11 May 2021
The Ionizing Radiations Laboratory - measurements within an EURAMET interlaboratory comparison
The engineers of the INM Ionizing Radiations Laboratory have finished today, 11.05.2021, the measurements within the interlaboratory comparison EURAMET.RI(I)-S18 (EURAMET Project 1467) in the field of Ionizing Radiations. The radiation qualities selected for the comparison were: N-40 (manda...
04 May 2021
Soon - the new edition of the METROLOGY Journal!
Soon - the new edition of the METROLOGY Journal! Among the subjects covered:  - Study on the impact of assuring traceability of measuring instruments for monitoring air composition; - Decision rules according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017; - National Base of Normative Documents in the field of...
30 April 2021
Un Paște luminat tuturor!
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